Sustainability is really important at Intra we work transparently, involving you in the decision making process and allowing you to make a more informed choice on design and the products that we sell.

We assess sustainability based on the raw materials used to create them and the process in which they are made.
Where possible we work with natural, sustainable materials, considering not just the impact of manufacture but the end of life impact. We do not design to current trends (although we are very aware of them) instead our aim is to create a timeless design for your home, creating a scheme and products with longevity.
We consider there to be a strong link between sustainability, wellness and human rights, these aspects are all considered in our sourcing creating a low impact interior with tactile materials that do not impact indoor air quality.
We do not believe that a sustainable interior should cost more, dictate the design or lead to style compromises, the interiors created are beautiful, effective and most importantly, designed for you.

Greyscale photo of trees