Our approach.

Where do we start? We kick off with a complimentary online consultation to introduce Intra Interiors and find out more about the project. We discuss your likes and dislikes, the property and your demands from it. We chat about your lifestyle, this ensures that the layout and design will suit you perfectly. This will be followed by a site visit (dependant on package) where I can get a real feel for the property and yourselves. This also gives me the opportunity to take the necessary measurements required to create the technical drawing package.
After the consultation a design brief is created, a direct response to you and your home, on agreement of this, we can move on to the exciting bit, the design phase.

The Design Phase
This is where I get creative, giving you the best possible layout and scheme for your home. During this phase I will explore many possibilities some of which I will present, others I will discard, they are simply part of the process. The resulting scheme will be presented to you as a Mood Board alongside samples of finishes and fabrics. The 2D drawing package detailing the layout and furniture placement, allows you to visualise the eventual design. Feedback from this stage allows me to tweak the design and further respond to your likes and dislikes.
Any resulting changes will be agreed before we finalise the design and a 3D visual is created with a full specification document.
It doesn’t have to end here…

If you prefer a full interior design service, I will project manage and order the products for you.
Get in touch to find out more about the Design Process.

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About Intra.

From a background in commercial photography, Carole retrained as an interior designer after her own renovations revealed her passion for all things interior. Her previous career as a commercial creative provided a solid grounding, a collaboration between client and photographer, very similar to the world of interior design. Her approach is not to impose her personal style on your space, but to fully understand and respond to your taste and requirements with a bespoke design.
The starting point is always practicality, your home needs to work with you rather than conform to design trends. A space that functions well is the basis to comfortable living, but of course, it needs to be beautiful.
Her personal love is to introduce texture and pattern creating a warm and tactile environment, she encourages you to move out of your comfort zone to create a truly bespoke solution that reflects your personality.
She is keen to introduce sustainable practice into the world of interior design, sourcing responsibly where possible and creating a healthier home as a result, click here to view Intra’s sustainability policy.
She works hands on involving herself with all aspects of the design process from spacial planning through to final specification

She works to release your home’s full potential ultimately creating a space that brings you joy, a haven.


Sustainability is really important at Intra we work transparently, involving you in the decision making process and allowing you to make a more informed choice on design and the products that we sell.

We assess sustainability based on the raw materials used to create them and the process in which they are made.
Where possible we work with natural, sustainable materials, considering not just the impact of manufacture but the end of life impact. We do not design to current trends (although we are very aware of them) instead our aim is to create a timeless design for your home, creating a scheme and products with longevity.
We consider there to be a strong link between sustainability, wellness and human rights, these aspects are all considered in our sourcing creating a low impact interior with tactile materials that do not impact indoor air quality.
We do not believe that a sustainable interior should cost more, dictate the design or lead to style compromises, the interiors created are beautiful, effective and most importantly, designed for you.

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